New "Online" Fundraiser

Introducing our Online Only Fundraising program! 

Can also be part of your brochure fundraising program!



During these tough times, does your group need to raise much needed funds to keep going? Then do a quick FLASH online fundraiser. 

Your FLASH fundraiser would be for 5 days so you can get your $$$ ASAP!!!

Your group will have their own web site to share with supporters. 

And at the end of 5 days we will send your group 50% of the total sales.

This will be a 100% contact less fundraiser.

Or, if you are doing our standard Brochure fundraiser, but wish to allow local supporters to purchase with Credit Cards, and have out of town supporters participate, add this option to your Brochure program!

Your group will have their own personalized web page like this (Texas Tribe) to share.

For more information contact your Ranch House Candles fundraising representative or email us at and we will put you in touch with one oof our fundraising reps.